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Wanda Strauven
Principal Investigator


Wanda Strau­ven is Ad­junct Pro­fes­sor of Film and Media Studies at Columbia University, New York. Her re­search fo­cuses on early cinema, marginal film practices, media archaeology, touch-based media, and screen prac­tices of post-cin­ema. She is particularly interested in the shift from pro­jec­tion to dis­play in today’s media cul­ture. With the notion of “image+” – a term picked up from image pro­cess­ing soft­ware pro­grams – she refers to today’s screen image that goes beyond its visual appeal by adding an extra di­men­sion (e.g. the image as a hy­per­link, as a portal to some­thing else, as a form of play). This con­cept may help us to think of the dig­i­tal image as en­rich­ment, as some­thing in ad­di­tion to the tra­di­tional de­f­i­n­i­tion of the (purely) visual image.  

Fig. 1:
“Do Not Touch” (2013) by the design studio Moniker for the Dutch band Light Light,