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Image Operations In The Security Zone
19.06.2019 • 6/4/19 9:00 – 6/4/19 18:00
Eisenhower-Saal des IG-Farben-Hauses

This symposium, bringing together a variety of perspectives, is set to inquire into the role of imaging techniques in operations related to security : optimization, regulation, surveillance, military defense and targeting. Imaging technologies are based on the logic of enhancement, applied to both the mechanical and human, creating a feedback loop of lethal machines, opto-sensorial systems and social formations of danger and safety. Image Operations in the Security Zone thus seeks to demarcate an omnipresent ontological condition: to be secured. That is, to remain in a demarcated time and space where people and things are calm, regulated, predictable, under control. At the same time, other bodies are marked as unstable and threatening, engraved into clandestine scenarios in the security zone.


Our guest speakers are Caren Kaplan (Professor of American Studies, UC Davis), Donato Montanari (Co-Funder and CEO Deevio GmbH, Berlin), Noam Goldway (Sagol School of Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University), and Yana Thönnes (Artistic Director of THE AGENCY).


The symposium, organised by Laliv Melamed
, Philipp Röding
, and Antoine Prévost-Balga, is part of the Image Operations minicluster and is open to the public.