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“Brücke, Switchboard, Theke – Working Girls vor Ort” von Verena Mund
The new book by Verena Mund is now available.
Open Access Publication: “Touchscreen Archaeology. Tracing Histories of Hands-On Media Practices” by Wanda Strauven
Extension of funding period
Great news: The German Research Foundation (DFG) has extended funding for the Graduiertenkolleg "Configurations of Film"!
A Touch of the Divine: A Reading & Conversation with Yann Martel
On July 15, 2021, Pavan Malreddy will host a reading and conversation with world-renowned writer Yann Martel.
Radio interview on “Pandemic Media”
"Pandemic Media. Preliminary Notes Towards an Inventory”, the newest publication in the open access book series “Configurations of Film“, was presented by the editors in two episodes of the radio show "Avez-vous du WiFi?", a weekly radio show hosted by Alex Chartrand on CISM 89,3FM, the public radio of the Université de Montréal.
Report “Histories of Tacit Cinematic Knowledge”
The international conference took place from September 24 to 26, 2020. We recall the panels and the discussions. Where, how and when are cinematic techniques used outside of cinema? How could tacit cinematic knowledge be described? And how did the online format of the conference affect the academic exchange of knowledge?
Book launch: “Pandemic Media. Preliminary Notes Towards an Inventory”
Book launch and discussion of "Pandemic Media. Preliminary Notes Towards an Inventory" on January 28, 2021.
Visible Evidence XXVII – Virtual Event, December 16-18, 2020
From December 16 to December 18 the Visible Evidence community will be holding a virtual event in the dates the original Frankfurt conference was scheduled. Register for the two panel discussions and the traditional business meeting!
Open Access Publication: “Pandemic Media. Preliminary Notes Toward an Inventory” edited by Vinzenz Hediger, Philipp Dominik Keidl, Laliv Melamed & Antonio Somaini
The research collective mourns the passing of Prof. Dr. Marion Saxer
We mourn the passing of Prof. Marion Saxer, who died on May 18th, 2020. Marion Saxer was professor for historical musicology at Goethe University Frankfurt and has been a principal investigator for the research collective "Configurations of Film" since its foundation in 2017.
Postponed: International Conference „Histories of Tacit Cinematic Knowledge“
Open Access Publication: “Medium, Format, Configuration: The Displacements of Film” by Benoît Turquety
The second book in the open access series "Configuration of Film" is now available at meson press.
Job Openings – PhD positions, starting on July 1, 2020
The German Research Foundation has awarded funding to the Research Training Program “Configurations of Film,” housed at the Institute of Theater, Film and Media Studies, part of Division 10, at the Goethe University Frankfurt. Starting on July 1, 2020, up to 12 PhD positions will be financed for 18 months, with a possible extension for another 18 months (TV-L 13, 65% / salary range: 28,850.18€ – 33,756.72€).
Open Access Publication: “Tracks from the Crypt” by John Mowitt
The Open Access book series of the Graduiertenkolleg will start on 25 September 2019 at meson press with its first volume.
Online Publication: Pacing Airports
Some contributions of our workshop "Pacing FRAport" have now been published on Social Text Online.
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