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“Brücke, Switchboard, Theke – Working Girls vor Ort” von Verena Mund
Published on 19.10.2021

The new book by Verena Mund is available at transcript.


In Under the Bridges one can see the women on top of the bridges. At her office window at Ullstein publishing house Vicki Baum imagines a telephone operator at a switchboard, and so she can transfer her novel into a play for theatre. Baum, the operator, and the women at the bridge railing, all of them turn their backs on the remaining space. Just like the students at the famous civil rights sit-ins at lunch counters in the 1960s. What is much less known, however, is how the women’s lib movement fought for access to bars, a fight that took place less at the bar than in the courts. Verena Mund analyses these places of the everyday in pictures, films and texts, while also looking at their implications for agency.