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Cooperation with the Filmmuseum Düsseldorf
01.09.2018 – 30.06.2019
Filmmuseum Düsseldorf

Since September 2018, the Filmmuseum Düsseldorf has offered insights into the history of visual and special effects in their temporary exhibition “Fantastic Worlds, Perfect Illusions: Visual Effects in Film“.  It enables the visitors to explore the technical as well as historical development of filmic effects throughout objects, anecdotes and film excerpts. The accompanying film series also provides a platform to discuss important film contributions and special effects artists. Thanks to a cooperation, the PhD students of the Research Collective “Configurations of Film” present some films and deal with issues that are also relevant for the Kolleg: How does film studies deal with the presence of moving images in the most varied social contexts? How to make an filmic object tangible, which is seemingly and constantly changing as well as the conditions under which it arises?

Fig. 1:
Vortrag "Planet der Affen" (1968). Photo by Filmmuseum Düsseldorf.
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