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“Migrating Through the Web. Interactive Practices About Migration, Flight and Exile” by Nicole Braida
Published on 26.01.2023

The dissertation project of our alumni from the first cohort Nicole Braida is available at Transcript Verlag.


How to study a media object on the web that is at the same time a documentary, a reportage, and a game which combines both fiction and non-fiction elements? Nicole Braida digs into the discursive and material structures and infrastructures of serious games, text-adventures, newsgames, interactive maps, and data visualizations, in which refugees and migrants become the subject of humanitarian discourse. Although the goal is to arouse empathy towards migrants, these »interactive practices« distinguish who is vulnerable and who is not. It supports the idea of a »migratory crisis«, which, the author argues, is actually the symptom of a deeper crisis of the humanitarian system itself.