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What becomes of film once it leaves the cinema? How do moving images work in settings beyond the classical dispositive of the public screening – in the home, the scientific laboratory, the classroom or in public spaces? And how does technological change – particularly the emergence of digital photography and the proliferation of network communication – affect the shape and uses of moving images?

Based on a conception of moving image culture that exceeds and challenges the established methodological frameworks of cinema studies, this Graduate Research Training Program examines a wide variety of configurations of film including, and beyond, the classical cinema space. Twelve doctoral students and two postdoctoral fellows per cohort will study these different aspects of moving image culture with the input and under the supervision of fifteen established researchers in an interdisciplinary setting, addressing topics in film and media studies, philosophy, musicology and literature.
New publication in open access: “Tacit Cinematic Knowledges”
Out now in open access from meson press: Based on a conference organized by the first cohort of PhD candidates in the Research Training Program “Konfigurationen des Films”, this publication introduces the concept of tacit cinematic knowledge to designate a broad variety of epistemic environments in which knowledge is configured in and through cinematic practices, and in the interaction with moving images.
“World Socialist Cinema Alliances, Affinities, and Solidarities in the Global Cold War“ by Masha Salazkina
Mercator Fellow Masha Salazkina’s book “World Socialist Cinema Alliances, Affinities, and Solidarities in the Global Cold War“ named “Best Scholarly Book of 2023” by the Chronicle of Higher Education.
Now Out in Open Access: Serge Daney and Queer Cinephilia
"Serge Daney and Queer Cinephilia" is out now in glorious open access from meson press – edited by Kate Ince, Pierre Eugene and Marc Siegel for the "Configurations of Film" book series
New Publication: “Films That Work Harder”
"Films That Work Harder: The Circulation of Industrial Film" has been published by Amsterdam University Press.
“A Media Epigraphy of Video Compression: Reading Traces of Decay” by Marek Jancovic
The dissertation project by Marek Jancovic, one of our alumni, has been published as a book by Palgrave Macmillan.
Podcast release: “TCK. A Podcast Series About Film Outside of Cinema”
First episode of “TCK. A Podcast Series About Film Outside of Cinema” by Rebecca Boguska (1st cohort) and Sophia Gräfe. Guests: Vinzenz Hediger & Guilherme Machado.
Kolleg event
14.12.2023 – 16.12.2023
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main / Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt / DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum
Critical Barbra
“Critical Barbra”, a three-day event at the German Film Museum, the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt and Goethe University, celebrates the many facets of Streisand’s unique talent with film screenings, talks and performances.
Kolleg event
07.11.2023 • 11/7/23 20:15
Pupille, Mertonstraße 26-28
Amateur shorts – Vnutri film festival
Kolleg event
16.11.2023 – 17.11.2023
Hörsaal H14 (4. OG), Campus Bockenheim, Gräfstr. 50–54, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
Memes in der Popkultur: Plattformen, Prozesse, Praktiken. Konferenz
15. Jahrestagung der AG Populärkultur und Medien in Zusammenarbeit mit der AG Signale der Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft.
Kolleg event
07.11.2023 • 11/7/23 18:00 – 11/7/23 20:00
Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Campus Westend, Max-Horkheimer-Str. 4. Seminarhaus, Room SH 0.101.
Zhen Zhang: Sinophone Cine-feminisms
Tracking and analyzing several women filmmakers’ innovative and socially engaged work in both fictional and non-fictional modes, Prof. Zhen Zhang (New York University) explores the aesthetic and political possibilities of trans-cinematic practices.